Future Solutions


Design and deliver training programs that help companies achieve their goals and sustain competent human capital. We commit to the highest level of customer service that ensures long term relationships with our valuable clients.

We focus on providing the best quality job along our training programs and developing competitive cost that is highly efficient in our target market.


An international acclaimed training provider that delivers specialized and customized training. While adhering to the highest codes of ethics and fulfilling our social and environmental commitments we believe in quality education training.

Our vision allows us to achieve our objectives of developing a market leadership position in each of the major sectors we operate.

Kuwait based ISO 9001 2015 certified company in training and human capital development for public and private sector including HSE, Management and various technical courses including mechanical, operational, maintenance engineering etc.

Our pool of experts serves to cover the various industries. Our training locations are individually selected to provide a collaborative and stimulating environment for learning that adds value to your professional development.

The Drilling Department of the Company is staffed by qualified and experienced Field Operator using a range of drilling rigs, who are complemented by the skilled Geologist engineer based in the offices.

The Department has the capabilities to provide services as follows:

  • Drilling and construction of water wells for production, dewatering and monitoring,
  • Drilling of deep wells including installation of turnkey cathodic protection systems,
  • Drilling deep wells for seismic geological studies,
  • Drilling and construction of injection wells.