Future Solutions

Drilling Division:

  • Drilling Water Wells Up to 400 MT Depth
  • Monitoring water wells.
  • Installation of Piezometer/Standpipe (BS 5930)

Our Drilling Equipment


Tope Drive B-80 can drill down to 350 meters with its 170 HP engine.


DP-30 can drill down to 400 meters with its powerful 361 HP engine and support of 6 * 8 mud pump. It’s ready to work air drilling with adding foam pump and support of compressor.

The Drilling Department of the Company is staffed by qualified and experienced Field Operator using a range of drilling rigs, who are complemented by the skilled Geologist engineer based in the offices.

The Department has the capabilities to provide services as follows:

  • Drilling and construction of water wells for production, dewatering and monitoring,
  • Drilling of deep wells including installation of turnkey cathodic protection systems,
  • Drilling deep wells for seismic geological studies,
  • Drilling and construction of injection wells.