Future Solutions

Course Description

Behavior-Based Safety (BBS) is a practical and effective means of initiating and sustaining safe behavior in a work place & Safety Observation & Conversation is Company tool to change unsafe behaviors

Course Objectives

By the end of the course the participant will be able to:

  • Understand what is Behavior-Based Safety (BBS)
  • Know why people are prepared to take unnecessary risk
  • Be able to observe and asses behavior at work
  • Be able to conducting conversation to change unsafe behavior
  • Know how to change at risk behavior
  • Know how to introduce these tools into their organization
  • How to improve risk perception within the organization

Training Methodology:

  • Participants will learn by active participation during the program using exercises, questionnaire, syndicate and group discussion.

Course Outlines:

  • What Is Behavioral Safety
  • What Are the Benefits of Monitoring Behavioral Safety?
  • What is a Safety Observation System?
  • What is ‘At-Risk Behavior
  • What is a ‘Near Miss
  • What Does the Term ‘Unsafe Act’ Mean?
  • What Does the Term ‘Unsafe Condition’ Mean?
  • What are the Benefits of a Safety Observation System?
  • What is BBS?
  • What is Personal Safety
  • What is Process Safety
  • Safe and Concern
  • SOC Benefits
  • Planning SOC
  • Conducting SOC
  • Reporting SOC
  • Developing conclusions and recommendations
  • Case study